ICP-International check post is the land route between Benapole and Petrapole.

On an average 10,000 passenger move through this path, under the supervision of customs, a number of reformation is brought here. With a work plan. After 47 years of libration, ICP is now broker less. Now ICP is a place to breathe with Trust and rest while coming and going India, once it was a place of multiple problems Passenger Harassment was an everyday activity.

ICP:- Present and previous scenario of Service:-

Previous Problem:-

* There were brokers who used to snatch money from the passport holders by force.

* There were a number of shops. They were passport brokers, illegally they used to smuggle the goods.

* Whenever the passengers reached the check post those brokers used to start bargaining with them.

* Many lost money/Dollar

* Customs Hall was worn and dirty.

* Customs arrival and departure were in the same hall that resulted in a huge crowd and some dishonest people took the benefit out of it.

* The number of customs officer was little.

* The only booth of Sonali Bank was inside the departure hall and there was always a huge line of the passengers to take the travel tax.

* No CCTV steps taken to remove the Problem.

* The entrance of brokers is prohibited inside the ICP to ensure the standard of service and security. The Member of officers increased.

* The clear announcement of what should do and not do while coming and going from and to Bangladesh is played all day long so that arrival passengers and departure passengers can perform their custom, and immigration formalities without harassment.

* Customs Arrival and customs Departure Hall is separated

* Bangladesh customs retractable Belt is established.

* ICP arrival and Departure route are demarked by SS grill.

* The only booth of Sonali Bank is taken away from inside and is established outside the port terminal building. That’s why the passengers need not wait in the queue.

* ICP Hotline/Mike 14 is introduced

* Green channel and Red channel is introduced here too.

* Security is increased

* The main gate of the ICP is sealed.

* The whole ICP is now under CC TV control.

* Ultra modern Archway and metal detector is set.

* To increase the service and all-time Supervision there is a special team works under the leadership of Deputy Commissioner

Results of These Steps:

* None can enter into ICP without a passport or prior permission.

* Broker free check post.

* Checking of Travel tax is now easier

* The crowd of a passenger is decreased in both the sides.

* Passenger can travel with safety and security.

*The activities of ICP is now more planned  and disciplined

* No Harassment of the passengers.

* Above all now ICP is ready to serve the passengers with all international standards.

Future plan:

* To start proximity gate

* To provide Honorable visiting card to the distinguished personnel.

*To provide Walkie-Talkie to the officers

* A separate room for child care and mother care.

* To set a Help desk

* To start a Facebook page to share information.