জনাব মোঃ আবদুল হাকিম

Revenue is the main driver of development. In 1972-1973 fiscal year, revenue collection was 166 crore taka only. Now in 2019-2020 fiscal year, revenue size is 3,77,000 crore taka and in this fiscal year Custom House Benapole has to earn the 6028.35 corer taka as revenue.
We are leading towards a destination geometrically in all aspects and so is our economy. By 2041, we would be titled as a developed country. We shall march on ahead of so many larger economy and famous countries. Thus we could be a leading nation to achieve big by dreaming big. If we would like to retain this progress on-rate and to make our independence worthy, we all have to work with full capacity.
In order to make the country magnanimos, the people's mindset of it should be generous. We need good Citizen, Job holders ought to be the best service renderer. Moreover we have to prove our excellence in our respective fields on thinking, learning in rendering services, planing and finaly on implementation of the same A good Citizen.

As we know, a country flourishes by dint of taxes level so our honorable citizen should pay the taxes and revenue duty. The more the country develops, the more fruitful will be the meaning of independence.

National board of Revenve collects 95% of total revenue as VAT, Income tax and Customs duty. Where Custom house collect Import taxes. Custom house, Benapole is a significant organisation under NBR. Being the largest landport of the country, Custom house, Benapole aims to collect 6028.35 Crore taka in the fiscal year of 2019-2020.

Bangladesh is crawling ahead to meet the very "Vision-2041" as declared by our honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. On the other hand, our honorable finance Minister A H M Mustafa Kamal firmly asserted that we are going to 24th largest economy of the world by 2033. The honorable Chairaman of the NBR, Abu Hena Md. Rahmatul Muneem is robustly leading the NBR family to achieve this vision.

This Website may definitely illuminate around with this vibrant slogan. "Enlighted Customs, Enlighted Country". May Our Bangladesh topple over any other countries with the spirit of Pride independence.