Benapole  is a municipality in Sharsha Upazila in the Jessore District of Bangladesh. On the Bangladesh-India land border, Benapole is the most important Immigration Checkpost  and is operated jointly by Bangladesh Customs, Bangladesh Land Port Authority (BLPA) and Immigartion Police. The Petrapole Customs station of India is situated across the border and since 1947, a large number of people have traveled between Bangladesh and India through Benapole-Petrapole Checkpost. The railway link between Bangladesh and India through Benapole was discontinued when war broke out between Pakistan and India in September 1965.

Benapole was a Union Parishad before 2006. Since 2006 it has become a pourashova i.e. municipality. Urbanization of Benapole started in the 1990s, mostly, along the Jessore Road.

Geographically, Benapole is a major strategical point for border trading between India and Bangladesh owing to its proximity to Kolkata. Major portion of the total imported items from India comes through Benapole. Primarily it was a Land Customs Station (LCS). But due to rising volume of trade through this station it has gradually been turned into a Customs Division and, later, into a Custom House (2000). In 2009, Finance minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith opened the newly constructed building of Benapole Customs and Immigration Checkpost.

As of 2015, 166 staffs including 11 cadre officers [Assistant Commissioner and above], 8 Revenue Officers, 60 Assistant Revenue Officers are working in Custom House, Benapole. In fiscal year 1996-97 revenue realized from Benapole LCS was around Taka 500 crores which grew into current fiscal year’s [FY 2014-15] revenue collection of  Taka 2621 cores.

Benapole land port is also lucrative for Indian exporters for its cheaper service and equipment charges. Most of indian export items receive various amount of duty drawback. Indian Government has decided to give priority to export in Bangladesh through Benapole-Petrapole border. Kolkata, one of the commercial hubs of India, is only 80 kilometers away from the Petrapole-Benapole border and is involved in development in this area.

During the period of 2005-06 to 2014-15, Benapole has witnessed a rise of imports by  around 10% on average each year. In 2005-06 import was Taka 5191 crore, which has almost three-folded to Taka 15665 crore.  However, port facilities remain under-developed as yet. The capacity of Road transport from Benapole to Jessore is limited only to the Jessore Road, which has remained as a 2-lane highway since a long time ago. It lacks proper maintenance. Expansion of the Jessore Road is necessary, since it acts as a bottleneck for economic expansion of Benapole port.


Commissioner’s Message


 Md. SCommissionerhawkat Hossain

Commissioner of Customs, Custom House, Benapole.


Welcome to the official webpage of Benapole Custom House. Benapole Custom House is the largest land custom station and the only land custom house of Bangladesh. Major portion of the total imported items from India comes through Benapole. This station started functioning in limited areas as Benapole Customs Checkpost in 1947. Its area of work expanded gradually. In November, 2000 it became a full-fledged custom house. It is situated one mile to the east of Bangladesh-India border at Benapole pourashava, under Sharsha upazilla of Jessore. Revenue collection of this house has grown from BDT 601 crore to BDT 2621 crore during the time span of FY 2000-2001 to FY 2014-2015. Main import items are Truck & Truck Chassis motorcycle, various food preparation, various chemical products, fabrics, fish, rice, onion etc. and main export items are jute goods, raw jute, RMG etc.
This web page contains information about this Customs House, such as contact details of officers, citizen’s charter, revenue statistics, auction-related information etc.
This web page was introduced according to the vision and inspiration provided by hon’ble chairman of National Board of Revenue.